Choice Airways

Choice Airways

Choice Airways, Inc. is a safe, reliable, premier charter on demand, 135 carrier company, founded on March 27, 2009 as a Florida Corporation. Choice Airways, Inc. has been formed for the purpose of operating a competitive-fare, low-cost airline to provide non-schedule charter passenger and cargo airline service. The Company currently serves the Northern Caribbean and the Florida area from its hub based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (US). Choice Airways, Inc. currently has flight operations between Fort Lauderdale, FL (US) and Cap Haitian (Haiti); also the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos Islands, Cuba, Cayman and Barbados.


Custom logistics application for Choice Airways to help manage cargo




Choice Airways has been not only been helping people travel to the Islands, they have focused on helping folks ship cargo to their loved ones and friends in the area. But to keep track of all the cargo, and ensure safe and guaranteed delivery, they needed a logistics application to track all the cargo being shipped.


A custom solution, built for the iPad but also effective on the web was created. With this application, they are able to track and manage all products, to and from, and their final delivery and sign off.


The client has seen so many amazing testimonials from clients that use their service, and are able to track and manage their shipments. These clients are now becoming repeat customers because of the transparency involved in letting all parties know where their packages are.