Collective Ventures

Collective Ventures

Collective Ventures is an amazing community co-working space with a cafe, an innovation center, and a startup accelerator in downtown Fort Lauderdale… a place we're you can come in for a cup of coffee and leave with a business. 

The Innovation center has 20 creative & tech companies working collaboratively for clients. The startup accelerator has the intent of investing 5 million dollars into 100 companies in the next 3 years. This is a DB Collective owned Project.


A DB Collective company that is a Creative & Technology Innovation center w/ 20 unique companies, Startup Accelerator & Investor, Cafe, and Community Project. Build your business with us!



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As a new project, Collective Ventures needed to build quick and impressive awareness that could help bring in their clientele for the innovation center and it's 20 companies, customers for the cafe, and early stage or startup businesses. They needed online, social, and physical materials to create this awareness.


A beautiful website to showcase the idea, the companies, and to bring in leads was created. It needed to help identify the skills each entity brought to the table, as well as create a desire to contact those companies. Design was done for the main company as well as for the cafe to be housed in the location. Amazing business cards, print materials and more were done.


-The website resulted in amazing awareness and helped bring in most of the ventures. -Local press in 3 magazines, and some online publications created additional buzz and over 400 companies that would pitch them in 6 weeks alone. -Continued growth...

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Conference Rooms

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