Perla Dolce

Perla Dolce

Every mother cooks something so good that you can imagine seeing it making the rounds across the dinner table. Our mother is a baker at heart. She loves mixing rustic ingredients, wondering how we will react to a fresh take on traditional classics. Her biscotti are the cosmos of creativity and mastery, a synergy of soft and crunchy goodness. Her irresistible creation makes big smiles and brings our family and friends together time and time again. From there Perla Dolce was created, and the cookies that brought smiles to our faces will hopefully bring smiles to yours.


Perla Dolce, now known as Bolessco Liggana is a premier all natural and organic Biscotti company located in Jacksonville Florida.



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When Sam Perlmutter, owner of Perla Dolce/Bolessco Liggana came to us with his vision, he lacked a plan to execute his new Biscotti Company. He knew he wanted to let the world enjoy the amazing Biscotti his mom made that he grew up eating, but didn't know how to brand it, package it, create awareness, and get into stores everywhere.


We developed an all-around visual and verbal representation for this wonderful company through the effective use of branding, marketing, collateral design, a social presence, and more. We created an original design which perfectly represents the quality of this company and their product. Through the use of branding, marketing, and more we precisely developed an all-around representation to fit the puzzle piece that was missing from this one of a kind company.


The results were truly astonishing. We were able to create a great amount of awareness for this company through the quality of our services, and an engaging visual presence, which serves as the face of Bolessco Liggana. Our services were very successful as the company brought in more business and was able to expand to over 50 locations. With our goal to get this product into stores across the states, we will follow Perla Dolce/Bolessco Liggana on their journey to deliver a delicious treat made with love.


The labels reflect on the true wholesomeness of this company and the product. Being that Bolessco Liggana biscotti is organic and non-gmo.

The labels are not only an engaging visual representation of the product itself but just as important, a representation of what is on the inside. Being that Bolessco Liggana biscotti is organic and non-gmo, you are receiving an all-around wonderful product, from the inside, out.


Brochures and cards were crafted with the utmost quality to showcase the product and highlight the company.

The collateral for Bolessco Liggana was designed with great precision and intricacy to deliver brochures and cards that go beyond aesthetically pleasing. The brochures provide an inside look into the family that started it all. Within these beautifully crafted brochures are also nutritional facts and ingredients, highlighting on the fact that there are no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Package Designs

The eco-friendly and compostable packaging was carefully hand-crafted and designed with a fun, original, and colorful design.

The box which holds 12 one of a kind biscotti’s is our original, hand-crafted package. Designed and constructed from scratch, the packaging for this product is truly an awe-inspiring masterpiece. Crafted with eco-friendly materials to perfectly hold this delectable treat.

Stand up Posters

Stand up posters were created as a visual presence of the company, used as a simple yet effective way to represent the company.

The stand-up posters for this company were designed to create a simpler visual presence of the company, at any time and any place. These stand-up posters are not only visually engaging but provide a useful way to represent the company.

Social Media

We created a social presence on multiple platforms for this company to showcase their journey and tell their story, as they continue to grow and expand.

The social presence we created for Bolessco Liggana serves as an important way to generate business, which it already has. The company now has a solid following of over 1,200 individuals keeping up with their progression and journey. The company has also grown to over 100 locations. The social presence has made many people aware of this company and their goal to deliver a delectable treat that is organic and gmo free. As the awareness grows, we are striving to get this one of a kind product into Publix and Whole Foods.